Random Outing: Late-Night Street Meat in the Heart of Cuenca

I’ve always had an adventurous palate, and that’s no different when I travel.  I’m not afraid to try new things, and on the rare occasions where I don’t like something, my thought process is “Now I know at least…”.  Cuenca has a vibrant array of dining options, ranging from the omnipresent almuerzos serving simple but delicious mid-day fare to a variety of ethnic restaurants, offering Greek, Italian, and other cuisines from around the world.  Cuenca also has you covered on occasions when sit-down dining isn’t an option, with dozens of roving street vendors offering everything from fresh coconuts to ice cream, and my personal favorite: the unbelievably-delicious fire-grilled plantains stuffed with a soft, salty cheese – My mouth is watering just typing about them!

After one busy day, we found ourselves at home, hungry, around 10PM, and completely unmotivated to cook for ourselves, so we armed ourselves with a broiler pan (the vendor had a good laugh about that) and ventured out to see what we could find.  Just up the street, we found one of the ubiquitous cart vendors, and ended up coming back with a bonanza of what we call ‘Street Meat’, grilled steak, chicken, and sausages, along with some choclo (hominy corn on the cob) from a streetside cart, and dined like royalty for about $8.00!

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So don’t be afraid, try some delicious food, you won’t regret the experience!

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