Quick Videos – A Bit of Weather

So it’s been a fairly rainy winter here (everyone keeps reassuring me that this is out of the ordinary ;)), but I honestly don’t mind – I’ve always loved storm-watching, and this is turning out to be a storm nerd’s paradise!

The first clip showcases an interesting Ecuadorean architectural feature – unlike homes in the US, Ecuadorean homes generally aren’t ‘sealed’.  For example, our skylight has an open gap so that a little bit of outside air can get in, but it has a gutter mounted below the edges for drainage.  Usually it works pretty well, but you’ll see that sometimes more than just air comes in!

The next clip is the same storm, about 5 minutes later on the front porch – it was just incredible watching the downpour…


Not all the storms are crazy ragers though – we get some nice, gentle rains sometimes too… (Sorry about the vertical video – I was trying to capture the sound more than anything else…)

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