New Year’s Cuencano Style

Happy New Year everyone!

One of the things I truly love about Ecuadorean culture is their style of no-holds-barred celebration, and New Year’s Eve was a magical experience in that regard.  This being our first NYE here, we decided to take it kind of easy, relaxing at home and hanging out on our front porch.  As afternoon set in and the first fireworks started going off, the city vibe shifted from the day-to-day hum into an anticipatory high.  As things ramped up, it was incredibly interesting to hear the sounds of different neighborhood celebrations as the winds shifted, and catching whiffs of grilled food for the revelers.  After dusk, the festivities began in earnest, with about 6 hours of random aerial fireworks from neighborhood displays.

The real fun started around 11:30 PM, when the incredible fireworks displays ramped up even more, culminating in this display I caught on my cell phone around 3 minutes to midnight:




  1. aimee0420 says:

    Looks spectacular! Happy New Year Ed and Martha!! Wishing you both nothing but the best in 2016!!

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