Las Aventuras de la Señorita Bosco

Ok, so here I go again writing about something that’s not specifically Ecuador-related, but hey, it’s my blog so my content choices, right? 😉  Anyhow, here goes…

In the Beginning…

Around October 2011, some friends introduced me to an adorable little chocolate lab puppy who had been abandoned in their neighborhood.  At the time they couldn’t keep her, so they were looking for someone to adopt her.
We arranged a time to meet and I was immediately smitten – not only was she the cutest thing I had ever seen, but I could also tell she was a character.  Over the years, we’ve had quite a few adventures, so I thought I would share some of them…

International Bosco of Mystery!

I guess we can start with the grandest adventure of all:  When Bosco got her puppy passport stamped for the first time.  The leadup was a bit hectic, what with liquidating everything in my house, packing away what was left for storage, and the inevitable never-ending garage sale traffic.  Combine that with 4 different visits to the vet in the last 10 days before leaving (Ecuador is really strict on animal imports), and I would’ve expected Bosco to be pretty freaked out…

The icing on the cake is that Bosco is large enough to require a 500-series kennel, American Airlines doesn’t fly planes that can accommodate those kennels out of PHX, so we ended up having to drive to LAX for our outbound flight.

Bosco rolling in the grass

OMG what is this green stuff? It’s AWESOME!

So we’re getting ready to leave PHX, with a rented SUV loaded up with the 5 suitcases we’re taking and the dog crate, saying final goodbyes etc. when I go “ummm, where’s Bosco?”…  It turned out she was wise to what was going on and had already hopped up and made herself comfortable in the crate.  We drove overnight to get to LAX, Bosco snoring the whole way, and finally got on the plane.  We had a 5-hour layover in Miami, so we picked Bosco up and let her go hang out in the doggie relief area where she met some new friends, then we found a pet-friendly restaurant (thanks Nathan’s at MIA!) where she hung out while we ate (and snuck her french fries).  Then it was back on the plane for the flight to Guayaquíl.

After arriving, it took us about 45 minutes to get Bosco and the luggage, then about 45 seconds to clear Customs, then we started the final leg of the trip:  a 4.5 hour van ride to Cuenca.  Just like before, Bosco hopped in the crate and conked right out.  We arrived in Cuenca just after daybreak, weary and burnt out, but I’ll never forget when Bosco got her first glimpse of the yard.  We let her out of the crate, she paused as if to say “no way, for me?!?” and then proceeded to sprint about 25 laps around the entire perimeter.

Since then, she’s had a bunch of other adventures, she’s working on her Spanish (we think), and is just generally the happiest dog ever!

Bosco Forms a Gang

Front yard

No way am I mowing that… 🙂

One of Bosco’s very first adventures here happened the first time our lawn guy came to cut the grass.  The lot is pretty big, so it basically takes him all day, during which Bosco is confined to quarters (translation:  hanging out on the sofa all day – it’s a rough life but Bosco is up to the task).  After he finished up, I paid him and he left, so I let Bosco out to enjoy the freshly-trimmed grass while I returned to work.  Unbeknownst to me, though, the gate wasn’t fully latched (you may notice this becoming a recurring theme…).

About 20 minutes later, I went downstairs to make a cup of tea and decided to see what Bosco was up to – imagine my surprise finding no dog and the gate wide open!  After a brief heart attack, I headed down to see if I could find her.  After calling and whistling for a few minutes, no response…  And then all of a sudden here comes Bosco around the corner of the block, with 5 other dogs in tow, all just playing and chasing and being a free-range dog pack – it was adorable.  After a little bit more running around, she decided it was probably time to come home and see if it was snacktime yet…

The funny thing is that every once in awhile one or another of those dogs from the pack will come by the gate and do the ‘touch noses through the fence’ thing with Bosco, kinda like they’re just checking in:  “When’s your dad gonna let you come play again?”


Bosco and the Great Housewarming Invasion


Whew, that was a lot of running!

Shortly after we got settled in down here, we had a group of friends over for a housewarming party.  The party was going well, Bosco was working the crowd as usual for delicious treats, and most everyone was just hanging out on the front porch chatting, when all of a sudden there are 3 other dogs cruising around the yard!  Some people had just left and didn’t close the gate securely, so some of the neighborhood dogs figured they would come in and see what all the fuss was about.  Bosco took to it like a champ, running and playing, chasing and being chased.  This went on for about 15 minutes, then the other dogs got bored and headed back out to see what other mischief they could get into.  Bosco, on the other hand, promptly plopped down for a nap 🙂

Bosco and the Wayward Chicken

Chicken soup with foot

Tasty, tasty circle of life

Ecuador has a lot of interesting aspects to it, including the fact that it’s very common here for people to grow/raise their own food, even in the city.  In practice, what that translates into is “lots of chickens, cuyes (guinea pigs), and the occasional roaming horse”.  So one day, I’m working upstairs in my office while Bosco was outside patrolling the yard and all of a sudden there’s an unbelievable commotion.  Because of the roofline, I can’t really see the front yard from my office , so I hurried downstairs to see what the ruckus was all about.

I got out to the yard, and there’s Bosco with a chicken pinned to the front gate, but she’s not trying to eat it – she was just pulling some feathers out of its tail.  The neighbor came out about the same time, just shook her head and said “if he gets eaten, well… stupid chicken”.  In the end, the chicken escaped to relative safety on top of one of the outbuildings in our backyard where it stayed for the next 3 days before heading back to the neighbor’s house, where I assume the circle of life was eventually fulfilled as soup.

Bosco and the Bone of Filth

Bone of Filth

The actual Bone of Filth

This one predates Bosco’s Ecuadorean adventures, but it’s a pretty solid indicator of her mischievous streak…  On our first Xmas together, I went a bit overboard at PetSmart and picked up a couple of gigantic rawhide bones – like great dane sized – figuring it would take awhile for her to work her way through them.  After giving one to her, she was a happy, happy dog for the rest of the day.  I woke up the next morning and there was no more rawhide bone.

There was no way she would’ve eaten the whole thing, it weighed about 1/4 of her total body weight, but the bone was gone, baby, gone.  So I put away the other giant bones and started with regular rawhides instead, and gradually the memory of giant bone faded.

About 4 months later, I was going to a job interview and went to put on my dress shoes, and OWW WHAT IS IN MY SHOE?!?  It turned out that Bosco had chewed one of the nubs off the end of the bone, buried in the yard for awhile, and once it was solidly ripe, figured a good safe stash would be in my shoe…  Over the next few months, more and more segments of the bone turned up, some hidden in couch cushions, others pushed behind bookcases… In the end I think she finally got all the pieces, but it took her nearly a year 😉

And now I’ll close with a few pictures of my favorite little dog:

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