In-Town Outing: Cuenca Museum of Modern Art

cuenca-museum-of-modern-art-wooden-sculptureOne of the coolest things about Ecuador is that most museums have no admission fee, on the principle that the arts should be accessible to everyone. So with that in mind, one beautiful day Martha and I took some time off and decided to stroll down to Plaza San Sebas, near the intersection of Mariscal Sucre and Coronell Guillermo Talbot to visit Cuenca’s Museum of Modern Art. The museum itself is deceptively large, housing multiple rotating art collections of varying genres, and in a wonderful departure from the museums I’m familiar with, the art is not sealed off from viewers in annoyingly-reflective glass ‘cages’ (just a little photography snark there).

When you first enter the museum, you are greeted by a guard who asks you to sign in, and once you enter, you are presented with a beautiful courtyard, around which the exhibition halls are arranged. Even though I was there in basically mid-winter (July), the lovingly tended garden was lush and beautiful. One of the courtyard details that immediately caught my eye were the hand-hewn stone faces set into the facing adobe wall. Overall, they set a very appropriate vibe for the visit, like guardians watching over the beauty before them.

During this visit, the exhibits primarily focused on senior projects from the commercial art program at Cuenca University, and covered a wide range of media from sculpture to painting to photography, and my personal favorite – typefaces and creative typesetting, running the gamut from whimsical to introspective to sublime.

In all, it was a fantastic outing, and I look forward to my next visit to Cuenca to see what this wonderful museum has in store!

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