Day Trip to San Bartolomé and Sigsig

We were looking for somewhere fun and new to visit, and decided to run down to San Bartolomé, in an area renowned for its luthiers (guitar makers).  As usual, we hopped a bus from Terminal Terrestre and headed out, ready for another adventure!  In the end, it became a little more adventure-y than we expected, it was still a great trip.

I was particularly looking forward to visiting Santiago Uyaguari, one of the better-known luthiers in the area, and possibly even purchasing one of his guitars for my collection, but unfortunately his shop had moved outside of town.  Based on the directions we got from locals, we decided to walk down the highway a bit to see if we could find him.  After walking about 3km along the side of the road, we eventually decided to abandon our quest for the moment.  There happened to be a roadside bus stop nearby, so we headed over and got some beautiful pictures of the valley while waiting for the bus.

When the bus arrived, it was on the Sigsig-bound leg of its circuit, so we just rolled with it and headed off to explore Sigsig for awhile.  Like most Ecuadorean towns, the town square was vibrant and bustling, ringed with market stalls and the occasional beeping of taxi horns and the like.  We wandered around awhile to stretch our legs, taking in the sights, and eventually made our way back to the bus station for the return trip to Cuenca.

All in all, it was another beautiful day in Ecuador, the country that never ceases to amaze me!

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PS:  The funniest part of this whole trip was that we did eventually find out where Santiago Uyaguari’s shop was – the bus happened to drive past it on the way to Sigsig – it was about 7 miles in the opposite direction from where we were walking.  The good news is that we know where it is now, and we’ll be making another trek the next time I get back to Ecuador!

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