Day Trip to Ecuagenera

The last time I visited Cuenca, I had an opportunity to tour the Ecuagenera Orchid nursery.  Ecuagenera is a company dedicated to protecting, growing, and marketing Ecuadorian species of ornamental plants using sustainable techniques, with an overriding goal of preservation.  The facility is located in Gualaceo, about 1.5 hours outside of Cuenca by bus, and underscores the extraordinary biodiversity unique to Ecuador.

It’s nearly impossible to express the Ecuagenera nursery’s beauty, with light floral scents wafting about, well-designed displays, and carefully landscaped grounds.  We wandered around the grounds for about 90 minutes just taking in the sights before heading back to Cuenca for dinner.  It was another great day trip!

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It was so beautiful that I went overboard on the photography, taking nearly 100 pictures.  There will be more to come soon!

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