Chowing Down Around Town

It’s no secret that I looooove to try new restaurants, and Cuenca has a near-limitless variety to choose from.  Today I thought I’d shine a spotlight on a few of my go-to favorites:

Origami Sushi Restaurant

Calle Larga between Hermano Miguel and Mariano Cueva

Ecuador offers a rich variety of seafood, which the chefs at Origami artfully transform into edible works of art.  Although Cuenca is not on the coast, their fish is always fresh and delicious!  Located on Calle Larga between Hermano Miguel and Mariano Cueva, it’s one of my favorite places to stop for lunch – there’s plenty of variety and the rolls are always delicious and fresh!

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Cafe San Sebas

Plaza San Sebas, just off Mariscal Sucre at San Sebastian

Mmmmm, Chili Cheeseburgers!

If you’re looking for a hearty meal, this is the place to go!  I’m a huge fan of their chili cheeseburgers and their pulled pork hash, and their veggie quesadillas are phenomenal!  There’s also a small gallery offering handmade products from local artisans including indigenous painters and expat artists.  Best of all, the patio area is a great place to hang out for an afternoon, have a couple beers and just relax.

Pulled pork hash browns with a fried egg on top – Breakfast of Champions!


Thai Connection

Calle Eduardo Crespo Malo just off Gran Colombia at Unidad Nacional

This restaurant is a little bit out of the way for us, but we never hesitate to make a special trip over to fulfill our Thai cravings!  Their food is always fresh and truly authentic – the green curry is rich and flavorful, the spring rolls are crispy and stuffed full of tasty goodness, and everything is presented beautifully.

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